Fifty Shades of Black

Fifty Shades of Black is a film starring and written by Marlon Wayans. It comes out this Friday 1/29 in theaters. Basically, it’s an outrageously, hysterical spoof of Fifty Shades of Grey the movie based off the erotic romance written by E.L. James. We asked him what viewers could expect from FSOB and this is what he had to say:

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Here’s the trailer for Fifty Shades of Black. Enjoy!



What is radio diversity and Future of Music Coalition and why should you be so concerned about it? Well, first of all, music has a profound effect on our moods, health, and even how we think and learn. Which you can learn about briefly in this article by Elizabeth Landau. Secondly, according to :

“The expiration of the Webcaster Settlement Act has left many small webcasters facing a steep increase in royalty rates and unsure of their future survival.

We support fair and transparent payment to artists and rightsholders when their work is used. We also recognize that small broadcasters are vitally important to musical culture, whether it’s small community FM stations or online webcasters who program niche music and artists you might not hear elsewhere. Commercial FM radio is increasingly focused on narrow repetitive playlists due to consolidation in station ownership. By contrast, webcasting reflects far greater diversity—from cutting edge releases by contemporary artists to America’s rich and varied musical traditions. And unlike commercial FM, internet radio pays musicians and labels.”

Why is this important?

This could limit what listeners have available to be exposed to musically speaking, what indie artists & record labels get paid, and the future of small webcasters having the ability to broadcast/afford to play the music that would otherwise never be heard, except for their efforts.

What can we do to “stand together” and support radio diversity for ourselves and future generations?

Sign the petition here and share it with as many people as humanly possible. It only takes one to make a change, but with many, great changes can and do come about. Thank you for reading, we are all individuals and music plays a major role in that. You can pat yourself on the back now for making it this far through our first post (We approve). There’s more of them to come. We pinky promise.